Diet for a month to lose 10 kg

Losing weight by 10 kg per month with overweight is possible without too strict diets - nutritional correction and moderate physical activity will be enough. 30 days is enough to change taste habits, give up unhealthy foods, reduce the daily calorie intake, and stop eating in the evenings. Our body is a flexible system, and it reacts sensitively to any changes in lifestyle. Your main task is to make these changes healthy and correct.

Speaking about the fact that you can easily lose extra pounds in a month, we mean objectively overweight, and not the one that you think is such. Yes, there is no limit to perfection, but you need to understand that with normal body weight, it will be much more difficult to lose kilograms than with excess. Use the BMI calculator to help you accurately assess the real state of affairs.

When changing lifestyle, correcting nutrition, giving up bad habits, it is possible to actually lose several kilograms a week - and this will turn out to be 10 per month. If you prefer healthy weight loss, do not want to risk your health, plan to achieve pronounced lasting results, take your time. A monthly course allows you to lose weight gradually, without health consequences and a sharp set in the future. A pleasant side effect is the correction of eating habits, lifestyle, which will allow you to consolidate the results and not gain too much in the future.

Nutritional Recommendations

dietitian recommendations for weight loss

If you are in the mood for healthy weight loss with consistent results, be sure to consider the advice of a professional.

Healthy Diet Basics

The nutrition program should be drawn up individually, taking into account all the characteristics of the organism. Pick those foods that you love - they will give you quick satiety and, just as important, pleasure. At the same time, it is advisable to dwell on those options that have the maximum health benefits and give quick satiety.

Nutritionists strongly recommend that everyone who loses weight after 6 pm not eat. Being slightly hungry is not harmful, and even useful - night overload is harmful to the digestive tract. The first days, of course, it will be difficult for you not to eat after 6, if you previously had dinner closer to 10, but over time you will get used to it. If you are completely unbearable, limit yourself to something light - for example, cottage cheese, kefir, vegetable salad. Also in the evening it is advisable to walk, go jogging, do exercises. Even these changes will be enough to remove from 4 kg within a month - without diets and strict dietary restrictions for the rest of the day.

Sweet and starchy foods are exactly what prevents you from gaining harmony and excellent health.

Ditch the appropriate foods and the weight will slowly but surely go down. It is also advisable to limit salt, sugar, spices - at first it will be unusual, but then you will begin to feel the taste of the dishes more sharply.

If you are feeding a baby

Breastfed women are either losing or gaining weight. If nature itself did not help you build, just make the appropriate adjustments to your diet. First, remove the salt - the cause of fatigue, feeling unwell, swelling.breastfed women lose weight with active physical activityAfter a couple of weeks, you will notice that you have become much more energetic. In addition, salt enters breast milk, which is completely unhealthy for the baby. You can replace it with spices, herbs, green vegetables, or just gradually salt your food less and less.

Since milk must be nutritious, strict restrictions are contraindicated. Remove only "empty" foods, but you need meat, cottage cheese, vegetables more than ever. And walk more with the stroller - movement will speed up the process of losing weight.

Help pills or harm?

Definitely harm - diet pills should be used only in extreme cases, and even better not at all. They give a lot of side effects, and at once, but even if such therapy is tolerated normally at first, do not flatter yourself - over time, health problems will certainly make themselves felt.

In a month, excess weight can be easily lost without pills - just set goals and do not forget that health is the main thing.

Diet for a month to lose 10kg

A strict diet to get rid of 10 kg within a month is not needed - it will be enough to eat in moderation and remove all unhealthy foods from the diet. Sports are not required, but desirable, we recommend choosing the type of activity to your liking - in a good mood, losing extra pounds is easier and more enjoyable. You need to train most often every other day, with strict restrictions on the calorie intake of the diet, it would be better to give up significant loads so as not to overload the heart.

If there is a lot of excess weight, a significant part of it falls on toxins and toxins. The first thing you should do is remove the of a thinner womanThe brain does not need glucose in the form in which it is contained in sugar, and is not useful for health and shape. Avoiding refined sugars completely will solve most of your overweight problems. Also undesirable are yoghurts with additives, soda, ketchup, cookies, sweets, cereals with sugar, pastries, cakes.

At first it will seem to you that the food is not tasty - the main thing is not to give up and wait out this time. Sugar can be replaced with dried fruits, honey. Over time, the condition of the facial skin will improve as the fungi supported by the white sugar disappear. Cane Sugar Is Not a Panacea Most of the products found in supermarkets are nothing more than a colored white product.

Don't overeat - if the portions are very large, losing weight will be problematic.

Eat in moderation and often - this will boost your metabolism. Drink green tea, clean water. Grapes, bananas, corn, potatoes, burgers, pork, yeast fresh bread are banned during the monthly harmony program. Choose dietary meat, eat more fermented milk products, herbs, whole grains.

Want to lose 10kg in a month? 5 iron rules

exercise in the gym for weight loss

To lose weight, you have to readjust. The main points without which the process will stop:

  1. Drink enough - about 2 liters of water, except for compote, tea, kefir. No drink can replace water, so it must be counted separately. Start the morning with a glass of clean drinking water, always carry a bottle with you to quench your thirst and / or remember to drink, if you are not particularly used to doing this. You need to drink half an hour before meals and an hour after, but not during.
  2. Remove all harmful substances - fatty, fried, sweets, fast food do not allow you to lose weight. Replace these products as much as possible with baked dishes, fruits, vitamin salads. If it becomes very dull without sweets, treat yourself to dark chocolate (but not a bar right away). Do not go to the store when you are hungry - so you will buy excess, harmful, or even eat it.
  3. Meals should be at the same time - this way the body will get used to the routine and will work more actively. Snack in between meals - yogurt, cheese, vegetables, fruit, yogurt. The body will not have time to get very hungry, so it will not stock up for future use.
  4. Correct weight loss - a couple of kilograms per week. Yes, not fast, but true.
  5. Move constantly - this applies to both sports and current physical activity. If you can't visit the hall, it's not scary, daily walks and walking up the stairs will also be enough.

Do not think that you are losing weight - take the program as a new way of life, gradually get used to it. Enjoy the process, find all the advantages in the new food format, daily routine.

Be sure to take a photo before starting to lose weight in order to compare the results and reward yourself later.


Don't have time to visit the gym? It's not scary - you can just as well train at home.exercise for weight loss at homeClasses every other day will be enough, more often it is not necessary, since the body will not have time to recover. Start your workout with a warm-up - squats, arm swings, body bends in different directions. When you warm up, move on to the main sports part.


  1. Raise your torso from a supine position, hands are conveniently fastened on the chest or behind the head. Spread your elbows to the sides, bend and lift your knees. Stretch your chin towards the chest, linger in this position, return to the starting position.
  2. Make a side plank. Lie on one side, lean on the elbow, lift your body until a straight line is formed (protrude, nothing should sag). Normally, there is no soreness - there is only tension. Change your hand.
  3. Perform crunches while lying on the floor. Lift the body slowly, then twist alternately in both directions. You need to try to touch the second knee with your elbow. Having reached the bottom point, you do not need to lie down completely on your back, linger slightly above the floor.
  4. Lie on your back, bend your legs, stretch your arms along your body, palms down. Now exhale and begin to lift your hips, fix yourself at the top point, lower yourself back.


  1. Get on your knees with your forearms on the floor. Keep your back straight, you can slightly bend it in the lower back, look forward. Inhale, begin to take your leg back, fix it at the top, lower it. You do not need to make a sharp swing.
  2. Starting position - lying on the right side, one hand rests on the floor, the other rests calmly on the waist. Pull the toe of your right leg up and begin to lift your leg to the maximum. Lower it.
  3. Classic extended squats are good for your hips too. Lower and lift slowly, contracting every muscle.


  1. Rest on the floor while lying down and start pushing up. Ideally, the palms should be at a distance from each other more than shoulder width. Raise your body with emphasis on your knees and arms.
  2. push-ups for weight loss
  3. Perform the bar so that the body looks like a straight line, the buttocks, and the abs are tense as much as possible. Bend your right leg and pull it to the chest, the sock should rest on the floor. Do the same for the second leg.


Stretching is also an important part of a weight loss program. You can do a "butterfly" (while sitting on the floor, spread your knees to the side), twine, stretch to your legs alternately and just forward on the floor with your legs wide apart. Any poses from yoga, stretching "cat", riding on the back will do. Stretching can and should be done daily.

How to create a menu for a month

berries in the diet for weight loss

To lose 10 kg, you need the right menu for a month. Replace unhealthy foods with healthy ones. If they do not seem tasty to you, do not be discouraged - over time you will get used to the taste, aroma of healthy dishes, you will find a special charm in them. Try to avoid stress - they are the main reason why we eat too much. Find something you love, exercise, change jobs, meet friends, and eat right.

You don't need store sauces - they are high in fat, toxins, and nothing useful. Artificial additives activate appetite, which is also completely useless. In addition to water, you can drink green tea, fruit, vegetable juices. Coffee is allowed, but don't go overboard with it. Alcohol itself is high in calories, plus stimulates the appetite - this does not mean that it should not be consumed at all, but it would be better to limit the total amount.

Your main food will be:

  • Oatmeal.
  • Dairy products.
  • Vegetables.
  • Olive oil.
  • Whole grain bread.
  • Healthy grains.
  • Eggs.
  • Fruit.
  • Crackers.
  • Berries.
  • Diet meat, fish.

Make vegetarian soups, grill or steam meat (you cannot fry). Replace all harmful sweets with useful ones.


Minus 10 kg per month is just the amount that you can part with painlessly. If objectively you are not overweight, the loss will be less, which needs to be understood. Sport is very desirable - it will spur metabolism to more active work and speed up the process of getting rid of extra pounds. It is advisable to exclude all harmful products - especially sugar, fried, baked goods. If you stick to a healthy diet, the weight will gradually go down, and will not come back. Bet on healthy proteins, complex carbohydrates, fiber, and fermented milk products. Keep salt to a minimum.