• Yoga for weight loss, the principle of yoga in the fight against excess weight, What type of yoga is best suited, what is necessary for classes, basic rules of conduct, a set of exercises for weight loss, how many kg can you lose weight, advantages and disadvantages, reviews.
  • The need to follow a diet for diabetes mellitus, which is allowed and prohibited to eat.
  • Features of losing weight on the Maggi diet, lists of permitted and prohibited foods, contraindications. Recipes for cooking, an approximate menu for 4 weeks, rules for getting out of the diet. Effectiveness and results.
  • What is pancreatitis, what causes it? Diet as a way to relieve pain from pancreatitis. Permitted and Prohibited Products. Diet menu.
  • Effective sports exercises for slimming the abdomen for women and men: a set and rules for training. Bodyflex, breathing exercises and yoga classes for weight loss.
  • Weight loss for the lazy, dietary rules for losing weight for the lazy, pharmaceutical remedies, weight loss for the lazy using coding, diets for the lazy, hardware weight loss.
  • How to lose weight at home and get rid of extra pounds: nutrition correction and tea for weight loss, recipes for cooking slimming dishes at home.
  • WHAT IS A KETOGENIC DIETThe ketogenic diet. What is the ketogenic diet. How to eat. The mistakes people make on ketogenic diets. Results of research on ketogenic diets.
  • What effective weight loss diets are there? How to lose weight by 10 kg per week on your own? What the menu should include. Diets. Famous diets. How to beat hunger? Exit the diet.
  • Why does a person get fat and how to lose weight in a month: the need for physical activity, options for strict diets, dietary habits, options for the right diet. Useful advice from specialists.
  • Kefir diet for weight loss: the benefits and calorie content of a fermented milk drink. Kefir diet options, contraindications and results.
  • Losing weight on a 6 petal diet: principles and rules, mechanism of action on the body, pros and cons, permitted and prohibited foods, contraindications. Sample menu, meal plan, recipes for cooking. Exit the diet.
  • Features of nutrition and principles of adherence to a diet for gout: permitted and prohibited foods, menus for a week, contraindications.
  • Weight Loss Tips: Reducing refined carbohydrate intake, resistance training, sleep schedule, cardio, nutrition journal, fiber, yoga, healthy breakfast, diet cut, walking, achievable goals, small plates, probiotic supplements, and more.
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  • The principles of the watermelon diet. The benefits and harms of the watermelon diet. How to choose a watermelon to buy? Diet menu. Not a single watermelon . . . Is the watermelon diet allowed for pregnant women? How to get out of the mono diet?
  • Why diet is important for pancreatitis. Permitted and prohibited foods, features and food rules.
  • Compliance rules, pros and cons, the essence of a drinking diet: preparation, permitted and prohibited foods, an approximate menu for a week, duration and exit from the diet.
  • The essence and principles, pros and cons of a diet for gastritis. Allowed and prohibited foods, recipes. Exit the diet.
  • The essence of the Japanese diet. Types of Japanese diet. Diet menu for 7 days. Japanese diet for 13 days. Japanese diet for 14 days. Diet and salt. Green tea. Detailed diet menu with green tea from Japan. Main dishes. How were the products selected?
  • Nutrition instructions for weight loss. Foods that help you lose weight and prohibited foods. Sample healthy food menu for weight loss.
  • Features diet. How you can lose weight and how to maintain the result? Menu every day.
  • The essence of your favorite diet. The pros and cons. Favorite diet for 7 days. Diet favorite at 12 — 14 days. Permitted foods.
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  • Protein diet. The essence of the protein diet for weight loss. The rules of the diet on the proteins. Benefits. Disadvantages. Contraindications.Types of protein diets for a week. Protein and vegetable diet. Protein-carbohydrate diet. Protein diet for 14 days: sample menu.
  • Keto diet leads to greater weight loss compared to diets with low fat content in healthy humans and humans with diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. Diet does not limit mealtimes standard 18:00 — is possible at any time, but within reasonable limits.
  • The causes of excess fat. A set of exercises for burning fat. Running or walking. The plank exercise. Twisting. Breathing exercises. The opinion of a specialist
  • What is more important for quick weight loss — proper nutrition, or effective exercise? The answer is a definite nutritionists — slimming first of all you must go on a healthy diet. But a little exercise will do you good.
  • The Dukan diet: how to lose weight in French technique, its essence and principles. The stages of weight loss for the Dukan diet: attack, alternation, consolidation, stabilization.
  • To weight loss not much bothered you, we offer you a simple exercise. They will be the motivation to continue training, because you will decrease the layer of fat on the sides and belly.
  • A real diet should give youth, strength and health. If the diet is chosen correctly, to comply with her will be easy and pleasant.
  • It is very difficult to follow a proper diet and refuse the treats. The result is extra weight and an obsessive desire to urgently to lose weight.